Operation Child Rescue partners with organizations who are involved in “Real rescue” of those in need.

Operation Child Rescue partners with a group involved in the direct rescue of girls from the sex trade & children from slave labor factories in the city of Bangalore, India.

The sex trade in India recruits thousands of girls each month. Many come from other countries like Nepal or Bangladesh. These girls are lured with the promises of a better life and work. Sadly, they are quickly taken to other cities and forced into prostitution. Operation Child Rescue rescue teams act on information and liaise with special police groups to raid these brothels. Operatives are sent into the brothel in advance posing as clients to try and get the girls to give information. A special team is formed and with police present, the raid is carried out. Some raids fail as word is leaked in advance or the girls are hidden. Girls have been found hidden in secret rooms and under the buildings!

The girls are interviewed by the rescue staff and police and sent to a government home.

New Rescue center (Picture)

Often, the government rescue center is not a suitable place for these girls who are in trauma and confusion. Operation Child Rescue has just opened a rescue home in Bangalore. This new facility will be where rescued girls are taken for assessment, to start rehabilitation or get them back to their home. Contributions are urgently needed to support the operation of this home.

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