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Operation Child Rescue in action!

Child labor rescue.

In February, Operation Child Rescue alongside India partner Freedom Project India carried out a child labor rescue raid in two locations in Bangalore India. Many children in India are forced into slave labor by working long hours seven days a week. After receiving a tip about child labor practices in the area, the team assembled with police officers and for two days had these businesses under surveillance. The team and police then raided the locations. That day the children had been working since six o’clock in the morning and were prepared to work a 12 hour shift stitching bags. The raid was successful in rescuing 12 boys between the ages of 12 and 16. The boys were checked out by medical staff and then interviewed by the team. Altogether, three employees of the bag manufacturer were arrested. Child labor continues to be an issue in many countries including India. Asian Aid is grateful to supporters of “Operation Child Rescue” who help make it possible to end these heinous practices.

Operation Child Rescue Spring Newsletter

Bangalore, India’s third most populated city and home to over eleven million people, is filled with illegal factories using child labor under shocking conditions. In recent years, Bangalore’s economic growth has also resulted in escalated human trafficking and numerous brothels where young girls are sold to serve as sex slaves. Asian Aid has just completed a lease agreement with a local partner to provide a home for rescued girls who need a safe place to live following a raid on their brothel or illegal factory. This is very important as current government shelters are overcrowded and include many homeless and mentally ill. These already traumatized young ladies need a safe environment to recover emotionally, physically, and mentally. Anita Kanaiya, local director says, “This home will be a safe and ideal place to help these young girls break free from a life of physical and emotional abuse. They will be protected from those who have harmed them for so long and this gives them the opportunity to recover and to live happy, productive lives.” With the help of dedicated partners, Asian Aid USA is providing a refuge for these special young girls.